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Theodore Carlos, Licensed Professional Counselor

Cell and private voicemail: (512) 789-3382


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Are you feeling stuck, angry, depressed, or confused? Are you fed up, with yourself, your partner, or family members? These are common experiences for many people. Sometimes people "act out", fall into addictions, shut down, or just make bad decisions. They want change but are not sure how. That's when counseling can really help.

Clients find me caring, nonjudgmental and very easy to talk to. My style is casual and direct. I am a good listener and communicate in ways that my clients understand and feel supported. I strive to be encouraging and empowering to my clients and help them find more healthy and productive ways to meet their needs and reach their potentials.

I have over 20 years counseling experience working with children, teens and adults in private practice, hospitals, and schools. My practice covers clients from almost all ages (8+years to elderly). About half of my practice is dedicated to individual and family work with teens and children. The other half is with adults and couples of all ages.

I offer stress and anger management for all age groups. This can be related to work, school, and relationship issues. Clients sometimes ask me to consult with their places of employment, courts and schools or other professionals. I work extensively with people who have anxiety, are depressed, and show symptoms of ADD and ADHD. I do not employ a strict medical model to working with these issues, and cannot prescribe medication, but I often work with doctors and other professionals that do. I do work with people who have dual diagnoses and addictive disorders. My graduate education included multi-cultural, ethnic and gender specific psychology's. I am trained in Jungian, Existential, and Philosophically oriented psychology's and often use them for issues relating to: life meaning, self-motivation, burn-out, career change, mid-life reassessment, retirement, care of one's aging relatives, and mortality.

Numerous therapeutic techniques and
counseling approaches are used in my practice. What and when a method is used depends upon the client(s) and circumstances. I try to keep things relaxed while productive regardless of the issue or topic. More advanced techniques are available when needed or for clients with previous counseling experience. I offer a wide range of approaches to couples, groups, and families.My hours are generally 10A-7:30P Tues.- Fri. and Saturday's 10A-4P. Limited phone and email consultation is also available. I consult frequently with the other experienced professionals of our group and in the community and have them as a resource if other services or referral is needed.

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